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My Disclaimer

In the spirit of transparency it's important that I make a few things clear:

  1. I make mistakes
  2. I may not always realize it

This site is a collection of thoughts and ideas that should be taken as-is and -- better yet -- should be heavily scrutinized. Chris Lott sums it up nicely.

Catching me in a contradiction is probably not the result of your steely grasp of logic and it’s almost assuredly not a product of hypocrisy. I’m a human being and my blog reflects and embodies that humanity.

Also, the opinions I express here are not necessarily those of my employer or anyone else unless I have explicitly mentioned it.

Finally, keep in mind all of the code posted here is for demonstration only. Please, please, please, please (please!) don't use it without scrutinizing every line for bugs.

As always I welcome any recommendations or corrections.

// About

Steve is a renaissance kid when it comes to technology. He spends his time in the security stack.